Five Things Friday

And just like that we’re on Friday again.

This week has been a whirlwind for me. 3 job interviews really took it out of me – but the awesome news is that I was successful! I actually got offered 2 positions, and I’m so thankful for that. This weekend I’m going to do a lot of thinking and weighing up the pros and cons before I make my final decision. This is a truly exciting new chapter in my life and I’m pumped for the challenge.

On the back of a busy week I’m going to take some time to reflect on 5 things, aside from jobs.

1. Beautiful Spring weather

It’s been so lovely in Scotland this week. Last week I wrote about snow, but in the true spirit of Spring this week the weather did a U-turn and was (vaguely!) warm and sunny. Like I keep saying, I’m so grateful to be able to appreciate this wonderful season. We did, however, have some wintry showers kicking about which looked quite stunning from our elevated position.

2. Getting back in the kitchen

I’ve missed cooking and baking for a few days while I prepped for my interviews. In the past few days I’ve made a winter stew, a chunky apple cake and small sponges, all of which have turned out well. I also saw these…, truly awful poo cakes in my local shop. Seriously, only Scotland…

3. The dreaded ‘storage full’ message

Is there anything worse?! You go to take a picture and your iPhone tells you no. I have a serious photo-hoarding problem and hate deleting anything; “But I might want to reflect back on that picture of my lunch in a years time…” Today I decided to chuck some music off instead and it was surprisingly therapeutic. I rarely ever download music and haven’t since I was a teenager, so a lot of my songs are definitely not to my taste 10 years on! It was even quite fun flicking through albums that I haven’t listened to in years and finding some real gems…


4. Hot stone massages 

I had my first hot stone back massage yesterday and it was dreamy. Mum treated me which was very naughty, however I’m trying to be kind to myself and not feel guilty for accepting her lovely gift. I’ve had lots of back massages before and although they’re always nice, they tend to be quite painful (I’m an extremely tense person!) and not exactly relaxing. The hot stone experience was different, and I left feeling re-energised and very grateful. Would definitely recommend!

5. This month’s Good Food magazine

I can’t afford to buy nice magazines very often (£4.35?!) but I treated myself this week to the March edition of Good Food. And I was so glad that I did! The month it is a celebration of women in food, and several of my idols are featured including Monica Galetti, Nadiya Hussain and Susie Orbach. I read Orbach’s On Eating a while ago and found it really useful, so this was a useful reminder to re-read and re-abosrb it. The message within the magazine this month is appreciating your body, not depriving yourself of anything and eating nutritious food in a healthy manner – all statements I agree wholeheartedly with. It’s refreshing reading a magazine that isn’t all about low calorie diet food.


It’s also Eating Disorders Awareness Week this week. I’m all for raising awareness, but so much of the work done just perpetuates the myth that you have to be skeletal to have an ED. I’m loving the Instagram ‘More than a before photo’ hashtag!

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