Little things that make me smile

I think I’m in the minority when I say I like Mondays. I always have done; they’re a little fresh start and a return to routine which is soothing for me. Weekends have a nasty habit of making me anxious which is definitely something I need to work on.

My mood today is also helped by the lovely weather. There’s just a touch of warmth in the sun and the promise of Spring – so refreshing. I was standing enjoying the cool wind and warm sun earlier and was struck by how lucky I am to be here, to live in this beautiful country and be able to appreciate the seasons. img_6669

A year ago today my mum travelled down to England to visit me in my new city and new job. I was dreadfully unhappy but trying to make the most of it; I hated city living and felt incredibly trapped. There’s a line in one of my favourite Kacey Musgraves songs: You can take me out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of me.” That’s so me – I need to be able to reach the fields, the greenery, the trees. Many cities, Edinburgh for example, have plenty of green space, but where I was had literally none and it was one of the unhappiest times of my life.

Fast forward a year and I’m back home, on my way to wellness, and able to fully appreciate how lucky I am to have this on my doorstep. Thinking about how grateful I am made me think of all the other little things that are making me smile lately – because it never does any harm to reflect.


New bakes
I made this Lamington Loaf (recipe courtesy of absolute favourite, Nadiya Hussain) and it turned out really well. I hate jam and coconut so none for me, but my family reassured me it was delicious and it was fun to make.


Spring flowers
Never fail to make me smile. I don’t buy enough flowers, but they’re so uplifting.


Kacey Musgraves
Need I say more? Cannot get enough of belting out Biscuits (my family, however, can..)


Job interviews
Eeek. I have 3 coming up. Stressful, but I’m so grateful to have them. Fingers crossed…


Having a dog who sits like a human
Nothing better.


Having time to bake with mum
Yesterday she showed me (for the millionth time!) how to make scones. They are totally my nemesis! So grateful for Sunday morning teachings from the Master.


Easter snacks
Ok so they did the same biscuits with penguin designs on and called them Christmas snacks, but still – delicious! Gingerbread biscuits and a cup of tea, simple pleasures.

I hope you have time to sit and think about the wee things that you’re grateful for at the start of this new week



2 thoughts on “Little things that make me smile

  1. It sounds like we were mindset twins. Because I, too, have ‘trained’ myself to find beauty in and appreciation for the smallest of things. No matter how ridiculous some other people think I am when I’m sharing this with them it has a profound effect on my overall happiness.
    Your dog is cute and we’re both country bumpkins at heart.


    • I sometimes think if you didn’t focus on the little things you’d be miserable most of the time; the news is often full of such depression, but if I focus on the wee things in my own life then I’m reminded that there’s plenty to smile about really x


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