Jumping in

Eek, first post. I hate doing these things; I feel they always go like that episode of Friends “Hi, my name is Rain, I have my own kiln and my skirt is made out of wheat…”

Basically, after a long time enjoying other food and lifestyle blogs, I have decided to throw myself into the written world and start my own. I’ve been putting it off for ages, scared that no one will read it or I’ll lose interest, but I refuse to let the perfectionist in me ruin another dream so…here I go!

I find myself at a weird junction in life right now (I’m sure I’ll bore y’all to death writing about this at some point), but in the midst of all the chaos I find joy in baking, which is my main reason for starting this blog. I hope to be able to share the recipes that excite me and that I love to make for others, straight from the heart of the farm.

Another thing I love making is lists. So rather than write a boring introductory paragraph I’ll share a nice introductory list instead – get used to it!

  • My name is Suzanne, but I guess I’m more commonly known as Suz
  • I live in central Scotland – cold, remote but very beautiful
  • Aside from baking, I love to walk, ski and follow horse racing (which always surprises people, but there you go)
  • I’m an avid reader; I’d say The Goldfinch is one of my most favourite books
  • Any movie with Tom Hanks in it is good with me
  • If I could pack up and go be a yoga teacher somewhere quiet tomorrow, I totally would (alas I cannot!)
  • My absolute favourite TV show is ER
  • I trained as a nurse, in part inspired by my love for ER (if I ever said that in an interview they’d smile politely and put a cross next to my name, but it’s true!)
  • I’m really nosy and like to know everything, hence my love of studying and learning

Ok, so one random list later and I think I’m done for my first post. Hopefully I’ll be able to mould this blog into a fun mishmash of baking, recipes and life ramblings, but it’s real purpose is to provide me with a hobby and outlet for my thoughts – it doesn’t have to be perfect (and it definitely won’t be, I’m a blogging novice!) but it does have to be real. And it definitely will be that.

2 thoughts on “Jumping in

  1. Hey Suz!! Welcome to the blog world! Gosh I had all these same thoughts when I finally decided to start my own blog. “What if I don’t continue…. what if I don’t like it… ” etc etc. It takes a while to get to a comfortable feeling with it, so all I can say is embrace trial and error. Know you’ll try things, and then realize you hate it, and then try something else.. but you will eventually get to a place and routine that feels comfy. Just takes time. If you have any questions about anything blogging related, feel free to send me an email mylittletablespoon@hotmail.com. In the meantime enjoy the excitement that comes with all your “firsts.” I’m looking forward to your baking recipes!! I looooveeee me some baking.


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